Have you ever been in a situation where someone needs you but can't help?

Dear love.
Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

Dear love, I have been thinking about you. You see, I worry so much for you.

I wonder if you are finding ways to cope with your state.

You are in so much pain and you need saving. You want me to rescue you but I can't.

oh, how it feels. Hurts so much that I am not able to take your hand and pull you out of your misery.

oh, how it aches my heart to see you fight with your addictions.

Dear love, the pills don't let you sleep, but it's not entirely your fault.

I wish you…

Poetry about a lost child

Photo by Siviwe Kapteyn On Unsplash

Raised in a destructive society with a broken system,

From a family of struggle and hardship, almost to say, “a broken home”.

Mother couldn’t cope so she left Junior in the gutter of the ghetto

Junior felt like the world never loved him.

But Junior wouldn’t let anything stop him from reaching his full potential, Junior doesn’t give up.

Junior always had talent which he was known for, Junior could make his way to any entrance with minimum effort.

But Junior’s talent always used for stealing, though Junior never intends to hurt anyone.

All Junior ever wanted was to escape…

Actual reason the modern school system was made

the prussian education system
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Schools across the world have these similar traits in nature.

  • Children must participate
  • Classes are divided into 12 levels of promotion
  • The students are separated by age not by what they want to learn or have learned
  • The authority is the teacher. Children are hallowed heads that the teacher is paid to fill out.
  • The students are not given the opportunity to explore other subjects
  • Teachers are only considered qualified if the can provide the required certificates
  • The curriculum is made and taught in a manner that does not mind if it works for some student
  • It focuses on a…

As Nigerians protest to #EndPoliceBrutality, the government does not intend to give Nigerians what they deserve.

#endsars, #endpolicebrutality
Photo from Zikoko.com

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad(SARS) is a part of the Nigerian Police force under the unit of Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, founded in 1992 for the aim to tackle armed robbery and cybercriminal

But over the past years, the name SARS has become a source of much controversy for being accused of extortion, murder, torture, abuse, rape, harassment and framing. …

Advice for young passionate and determined youth that aspire to be successful.

I Am A Youth That Wants To Be Successful But I Don’t Know How.
Photo by bczack on Unsplash

So, you’ve finally decided to do something useful with your life. If you want to be successful in life, you need a skill of value to your society or the world at large

As you grow older and smarter you begin to be more aware of what the world truly is, and it is as we say in Africa “No food for lazy man”. Therefore winning is not an option but a must.

Every successful individual has a winner attitude and mentality in all situation they find themselves and the universe eventually gives out things to more of their favour…

Courtesy of my friend s.Jibril

I am black
Photo by s.jibril

I am black,

My vocal is local, straight out of Africa

The blacker the skin, the stronger the bone

Feel the spirit of a true African man

Got stamina of a giant horse, a giant of Earth

The green land of full of fertility and the rivers flow in peace.

I am black,

I’m black and I am human

From my head, down to my toe is black

As my skin glows of black.

I am black,

I can’t let my skin colour let them enslave me

They have so much hate on black

They forget that we come from…

Encouraging early clinical test findings raised expectations that they would be a successful vaccine against coronavirus.

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Research in the US and UK have shown that almost twenty-dozen corónavirus vaccines in clinical trials, while another 140 are under development, are inducing strong immune reactions in volunteers without significant side-effects. However, some researchers call for the presentation of volunteers to the virus, in order to speed up analysis. However, some researchers call for the presentation of volunteers to the virus, in order to speed up analysis. Some of those who say the safety of those who got a vaccine should be made…

Why are college students comparing their certificates to online courses?

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

It can be frustrating that a college degree can now be compared to an online course however, it does not mean that degrees are irrelevant just that information has got a lot easier to access and people are willing to share their knowledge for less amount of price.

As CG artist I have come to realise that I don’t need to go to a college in order for me to learn computer graphics and also land me a good-paying job. …

Salihu Ibrahim

Enthusiastic 3d artist that loves to share tech news and talk about social issues

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